Available Dogs

Adoption donations vary based on age*:

Puppies -1 year $225

1-7 years $175

7+ years $75 

*Note some dogs may have a higher adoption cost due to pre-existing conditions, or breed. 

Adoption donation includes spay/neuter procedure, rabies vaccination and microchipping at age appropriate pre-set appointments. It also ensures that there are enough adoptables for everyone to find their new four-legged family member. 


Also, we do not adopt on a first come, first serve basis. All adoptions are based on what we believe is the best personality/home fit for each dog. So we may process multiple apps at one time to help a dog pick their most preferred home. We observe each dog to see how receptive they are to the humans in the home, as well as their behaviors before making a decision. We feel this philosophy adds to the success of the adoption and overall satisfaction of both the dog and adopters alike. 

**please use google chrome or mobile for the best formatting of the application, or email for a hard copy: adoptions@fetchingfureverhomes.org**

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